Viking Trail Newfoundland

The Viking Trail stretches from the western coast of Newfoundland to Southern Labrador in Canada.

The Viking Trail encompasses a region which is extremely rich in history. A medley of coastal communities dot the coastline along the Great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland such as Main Brook, St Anthony, Port au Choix, Conche, Rocky Harbour and in Labrador: Red Bay, Battle Harbour and Point Amour. These are just to name a few and they all have a part to play in the Viking Trail saga which begun around 1000 years ago.

The Viking trail consists of numerous National and Provincial Historic Sites, National and Provincial Parks, ecological reserves, and Monument sites.

We highly recommend accommodation at Tuckamore Lodge in Main Brook during your stay on the northern end of the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.

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photo of Norstead Viking Site Norstead Viking Site

Canada, Newfoundland, Northern Peninsula, Viking Trail, Vikings, Norstead Viking Site, L' Anse-aux...
photo of Whale Watch Lookout Newfoundland Whale Watch Lookout Newfoundland

Canada, Newfoundland, Northern Peninsula, Daniel¬ęs Habour Whale Watching Outlook
photo of Deep Cove Newfoundland Deep Cove Newfoundland

Canada, Newfoundland, Northern Peninsula, Deep Cove Winter Habour
photo of Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse
The Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse is located in the Gros Morne National Park on western Newfoundland.
Canada, Newfoundland, Gros Morne National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rocky Habour, Lobster...
photo of Iceberg Watching Tour Iceberg Watching Tour

Canada, Newfoundland, Kittiwake Coast, Iceberg watching, from Twillingate, Iceberg man
photo of Kayaking Viking Trail Kayaking Viking Trail

Canada, Newfoundland, Kittiwake Coast, Kayaking, Merritt's Habour, close to Twillingate
photo of Iceberg Aerial Iceberg Aerial
Aerial Stock Photo of an Iceberg floating in the Atlantic Ocean
aerial stock photo of an iceberg in the atlantic ocean of Newfoundland, Canada, Kittiwake Coast,...
photo of Codroy Valley Golf Course Codroy Valley Golf Course

Canada, Newfoundland, West Coast, Codroy Valley, 9 hole golf course, St. Andrews Na Creige Golf...
photo of Canoeing Trip Canoeing Trip

Canada, Newfoundland. Main Brook, Tuckamore Lodge, Justin, canoeing
photo of Family Vacations Family Vacations
Photo of a family vacation in Newfoundland
Family vacations idea in Newfoundland, Canada, Newfoundland, Northern Peninsula, Viking Trail, St....
photo of Fishing Vacations Fishing Vacations

Canada, Newfoundland, Northern Peninsula, Viking Trail, Tuckamore Lodge, young lady fishing, Amanda,
photo of Pictures Of Newfoundland Pictures Of Newfoundland
Stock Pictures of Newfoundland showing an Iceberg and a stage used for storing fishing nets and supplies along the French Shore at St Julien's.
Stock pictures of newfoundland. St Juliens is located along a stretch of coastline called the...
photo of Endangered Plants Endangered Plants

endangered plants, Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve
photo of Wild Adventures Wild Adventures
Some Wild Adventures are available on a vacation trip to Newfoundland
Showing just one of many wild adventures in Newfoundland, iceberg kayaking. In this picture you can...
photo of Outdoor Camping Outdoor Camping
Stock photo of Outdoor Camping in Hare Bay of Newfoundland
Stock photo of outdoor camping in Hare Bay of Newfoundland. Outdoor camping in Hare Bay is a real...
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