Quirpon Island Lighthouse

Picture of Quirpon Island Lighthouse on Newfoundland, Canada

Quirpon Island Lighthouse was established in the 1860s, and manned until 1996.

Overlooking the Labrador Sea and Iceberg Alley, the tower has been depended on for over a century, providing safe bearings by sailing vessels and steamships bound for continental ports via the Strait of Belle Isle.

Today the 1922 lightkeepers home is better known as the Quirpon Island Inn which attracts many visitors to the island. Quirpon Island provides excellent viewing of giant icebergs floating south from Greenland glaciers, and you could expect to see a variety of whales including Minke, Humpbacks, and Orcas.

Quirpon Island Lighthouse in Newfoundland,Canada
Quirpon Island Lighthouse in Winter, Newfoundland

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