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A hidden secret in British Columbia - Northern Vancouver Island, find your needed Info here!

Most people miss Northern Vancouver Island during their British Columbia vacation, but there is so much there to explore.

Northern Vancouver Island covers the area from Campbell River north on the east coast along Island Highway 19 across to the West Coast town of Gold River and north.

Communities are surrounded by lush rainforest which is home to an abundance of wildlife such as black bears, cougars (Mountain Lion), marmots, bald eagles, elk, and deer. The waters are home to many of marine mammals including killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, sea otters, and porpoises.

Activities for visitors to Northern Vancouver Island range from photo tours, bird watching, kayaking, canoeing, caving, bear watching, whale watching, fishing, hiking, and biking - your... (... more information below the photos)

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photo of Sointula Malcolm Island Sointula Malcolm Island
The community of Sointula is situated on Malcolm Island in British Columbia and was founded in 1901 by a group of Finns.
An aerial picture of Sointula on Malcolm Island, with the Vancouver Island mountains and coastline...
photo of Aerial Photos Aerial Photos
Stock Aerial Photo of Malcolm Islans, the town of Sointula and Vancouver Island.
Stock Aerial Photos of Sointula on Malcolm Island and Vancouver Island in the Background. beautiful...
photo of Air Planes Air Planes
Float Air Planes used in Northern Vancouver Island
The DeHavilland Beaver Float Air Planes are still heavily used on Northern Vancouver Island. The...
photo of Alert Bay Alert Bay
Stock Photo of Alert Bay, a Native Village on Cormorant Island
Stock photo of Alert Bay a Native Village
photo of Funny Signs Funny Signs
Photo of Funny Signs on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia
One of the most funny signs on Vancouver Island, British Columbia along the...
photo of Vancouver Island Sunset Vancouver Island Sunset
Soft colours form at sunset near Port McNeill on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Stock Photo of a Vancouver Island sunset close to Port McNeill on the Northern Part of Vancouver...
photo of Northern Vancouver Island Northern Vancouver Island
An elevated view of Northern Vancouver Island after sunset looking Cormorant Island, and Malcolm Island to the Mainland of British Columbia.
The view overlooking Northern Vancouver Island. Surrounded with lush rainforest and sparkling...
photo of Pulteney Point Lighthouse Pulteney Point Lighthouse
Pultenay Point Lighthouse on Malcolm Island in British Columbia, Canada
Pultenay Point Lighthouse was first established on 12 September 1905. Today it is one of the few...
photo of Cute Black Bears Cute Black Bears
Often mother black bears will send their cute cubs up trees for protection, while they hunt for food.
Black bear mothers often leave their cute cubs in trees for their own protection while they fish or...
photo of Northern Vancouver Island Scenery Northern Vancouver Island Scenery
Winter scenery of Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.
An aerial view of the mountains of Northern Vancouver Island freshly covered with snow.
photo of Broughton Archipelago Broughton Archipelago
A marine park, the Broughton Archipelago of Northern Vancouver Island
Stock Photo of the Broughton Archipelago between Northern Vancouver Island and British Columbia...
photo of Port Hardy Port Hardy
The town site of Port Hardy with bustling Hardy Bay in the foreground looking north towards Queen Charlotte Strait on the coast of British Columbia.
The marina and town site of Port Hardy on Northern Vancouver Island. Port Hardy is the departure...
photo of Lookout Mountain Lookout Mountain
A scenic vista over the Broughton Strait from a mountain with a great lookout on Northern Vancouver Island.
A couple and their dog lookout from a mountain top with clear views of the Broughton Strait,...
photo of Sointula Bc Sointula Bc
The view while pulling away from the harbour of Sointula on Malcolm Island off the coast of Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia.
leaving Sointula on Malcolm Island, Northern Vancouver Island. Whale Watching Photos of Northern...
photo of Native American Symbols Native American Symbols
Stock Photo of Native American Symbols on a Meeting House
Stock Photo of Native American Symbols painted on a metting- or long house. The earliest writings...
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The rainforest spills right down to the coastline where the Pacific Ocean laps at the shores of the largest island on the West Coast of North America.

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Other communities on Northern Vancouver Island include Port Alice, Gold River, Sayward, Quatsino, Sointula, Alert Bay, Zeballos, Holberg, Coal Harbour, and Winter Harbour - just to name a few.

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