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A hidden secret in British Columbia - Northern Vancouver Island, find your needed Info here!

Most people miss Northern Vancouver Island during their British Columbia vacation, but there is so much there to explore.

Northern Vancouver Island covers the area from Campbell River north on the east coast along Island Highway 19 across to the West Coast town of Gold River and north.

Communities are surrounded by lush rainforest which is home to an abundance of wildlife such as black bears, cougars (Mountain Lion), marmots, bald eagles, elk, and deer. The waters are home to many of marine mammals including killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, sea otters, and porpoises.

Activities for visitors to Northern Vancouver Island range from photo tours, bird watching, kayaking, canoeing, caving, bear watching, whale watching, fishing, hiking, and biking - your... (... more information below the photos)

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photo of Killer Whale Sunset BC Killer Whale Sunset BC
A brilliant orange sunset reflects in the cloudy sky while a Northern Resident Killer Whale swims by in British Columbia, BC, Canada.
A large male Orca Whale cruises the waters of Weynton Passage just off Northern Vancouver Island,...
photo of Pictures Of Dolphins Pictures Of Dolphins
Pictures of Dolphins, Pacific White Sided Dolphins of Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada
Stock Pictures of Dolphins in Blackfish Sound and Queen Charlotte Strait on Northern Vancouver...
photo of Symbols Of Peace Symbols Of Peace
Stock Photo of an american bald eagle sitting in light snowfall, a symbol of peace.
Stock Photo of an Eagle, a Symbols of peace. The american bald eagle always was a symbol of peace...
photo of Cougars Cougars
Graceful and agile animals, cougars (mountain lions)are the largest wild cat in British Columbia, Canada.
The largest wild cat in British Columbia, cougars inhabit the mainland as well as many coastal...
photo of Orca Whales Orca Whales
Mom and Baby Orca Whales spyhopping in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia on a whale watching tour
An awesome sight to see, a Mom and her baby spyhopping in Johnstone Strait of Northern Vancouver...
photo of Killer Whale Watching Killer Whale Watching
Photo of a Killer Whale Watching Boat, the Gikumi off North Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.
Stock Photo of a Killer Whale Watching Boat the Gikumi in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia,...
photo of Sunset Vancouver Island Sunset Vancouver Island
Sunset over Northern Vancouver Island with view over Port McNeill, Sointula and Port Hardy Bay
Stock Photo of a Sunset on Northern Vancouver Island overlooking the Inside Passage, the Pacific...
photo of Vancouver Island Kayaking Vancouver Island Kayaking
Image kayaking off Vancouver Island with killer whales
Vancouver Island in British Columbia is a prime destination for kayaking adventures.


photo of Port McNeill Port McNeill
Aerial Photo of Port McNeill on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Aerial Image of Port McNeill on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia in Spring....
photo of Telegraph Cove Telegraph Cove
Photo of Telegraph Cove in British Columbia on Northern Vancouver Island, an family vacation and whale watching destination
The annual arts and craft fair makes for a great day out in Telegraph Cove on Northern Vancouver...
photo of Nimpkish Lake Nimpkish Lake
Situated on Northern Vancouver Island near Port McNeill, Nimpkish Lake is a popular recreational lake.
A popular recreational lake, Nimpkish Lake provides excellent opportunities for camping, wind...
photo of Rainbows Rainbows
Photo of Rainbows and heavy rain over Sointula on Malcolm Island, Northern Vancouver island
Stock Photo of Rainbows and heavy clouds. Very fascinating Rainbow with little Village in the...
photo of Starfish Animal Starfish Animal
You will find the Starfish Animal in the rocky outcrops on West Coast beaches at low tide.
You can find a Starfish Animal by combing the rocky outcrops of the West Coast of Vancouver Island....
photo of West Coast West Coast
Especially on the West Coast of Northern Vancouver Island you may find lots of drift wood.
A Ocean Picture of the west coast of Vancouver Island with lots of drift wood along the shore near...
photo of Vancouver Island Ferry Vancouver Island Ferry
BC Ferries Vancouver Island Ferry coming into Port McNeill, British Columbia, Canada
This Vancouver Island Ferry is in Service for Port McNeill, Alert Bay and Sointula. Starting in...
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The rainforest spills right down to the coastline where the Pacific Ocean laps at the shores of the largest island on the West Coast of North America.

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Other communities on Northern Vancouver Island include Port Alice, Gold River, Sayward, Quatsino, Sointula, Alert Bay, Zeballos, Holberg, Coal Harbour, and Winter Harbour - just to name a few.

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