Hidden Secrets Photo Tour

Hidden secrets of Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Booked till end of 2008 - no new dates set yet!

Departing the township of Port McNeill around 2:00pm, it is a short trip to our first photo location. Few people venture down the road to this spot, but it is a true gem. For the artistic photographer, there are many opportunities with long exposure, different textures of rocks and boulders, and the ever changing moods of the Broughton Strait.

We leave the beautiful coastline behind for now, and head to the Nimpkish River. Taking a tour through a fabulous property full of splendid blooms, and various interesting and unique plants. We can also walk along the forest trail to the Nimpkish River, just a stones throw away. A macro is a "should have" on this tour!

vancouver island sunset picture

Our next stop is Telegraph Cove. A tiny historic community comprising of around 20 residents, and is one of the last remaining boardwalk communities of British Columbia. Many of the original buildings can be seen sitting atop stilts, and are now a part of the resort accommodation.

There are many unique and diverse subjects to photograph in this pretty cove, with a constant flow of boats coming and going in the harbor, the activity on the boardwalk, and eagles flying high or perched in the tree tops above. Killer whales have also been known to visit the cove at times.

There is a visit included to the Whale Interpretive Centre located at the far end of the boardwalk. The centre houses the "Bones Project", which was founded with a vision of bringing an increased public awareness of the biology, and habitat needs of many marine mammals who call the surrounding waters home.

northern vancouver island - british columbia

After wandering along the boardwalk, we return you to your Port McNeill accommodation at around 6:00pm-6:30pm.

Optional add-on:
As an optional add-on, we'll take you to one of our absolute favourite hidden secrets, where only a very few people have been. Depart at around 7:00pm - 7:30pm and travel with us on one of the many logging roads this area boasts. We will wind through the forests on these roads as they take us to an elevation of approximately 800 metres.

This is an unbelievably spectacular location!

Our aim is to be at our location in time to set up for a magnificent sunset. As we climb higher, the trees begin to open up and allow a panoramic view of the Broughton Strait, Malcolm Island, Cormorant Island, and across the Broughton Archepelago to mainland British Columbia. Watch the colors change as the sun sets, then sinks below the horizon. Long after the sun has disappeared, you will see vivid dark blues appear in the night sky.

Return to Port McNeill at approximately 9:00pm - 9:30pm.

Hidden Secrets - round up:

  • Departures:
    From Port McNeill at time stated.
  • Price:
    CA$235.00 per person plus 7% tax
    (converts to approximately US$207.00 per person)
  • Includes:
    Transfers from anywhere within Port McNeill
    Entrance fees
    Photography workshop

Optional add-on - Sunset:

  • Price:
    CA$60.00 per person plus 7% tax
    (converts to approximately US$48.00 per person)
  • Includes:
    Transportation and sunset photography workshop
  • Duration:
    Approximately 2 hours

Long light pants or shorts (with a change of long pants), t-shirt, sweater, comfortable walking/hiking shoes, parka in case of rain, sunglasses, and hat. Additional layers should also be considered for the evening, particularly for sunset trips.

This tour operates from July 1st until October 31st, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 passengers.

Ask us for details on our 3 day North Island Explorer Tour which incorporates 3 of our tours, the West Coast Discovery, Sunset Wildlife and Islands, and Hidden Secrets, and save! We can also help with accommodation in Port McNeill.

Reservations and Payment:

To reserve space on this tour, please contact us. Limited space available.

50% of the ticket price is due within 2 weeks from the date of reservation to secure your booking, with final payment being due 14 days prior to departure. CA$50.00 of the deposit is non-refundable.

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