French Riviera

Long stretches of sandy beaches, towering mountains, and pristine countryside make the French Riviera a popular holiday destination.

One of the most famous and luxurious resort areas in the world is the stunning French Riviera where riches, elegance, fame and glory are just a few of the highlights of this holiday paradise.

The French Riviera stretches over a hundred kilometers of coastline where the beautiful colored Mediterranean Sea closes in around amazing cliffs, sandy beaches and exquisite resorts.

Enormous richness and prestige flow throughout Monaco, Monte Carlo, Cannes and Nice where you will find famous people living life to its fullest. Restaurants, casinos, hotels, limos and luxury yachts line the waterfront of these cities and nothing is too exquisite to be seen around this region of the French Riviera.

Take a step back from the excitement of the crowds and venture into the hills and explore the valleys and canyons where nature is at its best. Small villages and towns are situated throughout this countryside where history dates back to early centuries.

For a different perspective of the French Riviera, hike, climb or ski to 3,000 meters up the peaks of... (... more information below the photos)

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photo of Menton France Menton France
Menton City is located on the Franco-Italian border at the the farthest southeast side of France in Europe.
Menton is a beautiful and amazing city situated along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea in...
photo of French Riviera Beaches French Riviera Beaches
Overlooking one of the many French Riviera beaches from the Parc du Chateau in Provence, France.
The waterfront along the city of Nice on the French Riviera in France, Europe has a beautiful beach...
photo of Monte Carlo Pictures Monte Carlo Pictures
Luxury yachts line the docks of Monte Carlo, Port de Monaco along the Cote d'Azur, Corniches de la Riviera.
Luxury yachts at the marina Port de Monaco in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Cote d'Azur, Corniches de la...
photo of Menton French Riviera Menton French Riviera
The city of Menton sits along the French Riviera in the Provence, France.
Menton Marina, Provence, Cote d'Azur, Corniches de la Riviera, France, Europe.
photo of Gorges Du Loup Provence Gorges Du Loup Provence
The village of Pont du Loup near the Gorges du Loup in the Provence region of France.
Gorges du Loup seen from the square in the village of Gourdon, Alpes Maritimes, Provence, France,...
photo of Cathedrale Sainte Reparate Nice Cathedrale Sainte Reparate Nice
The Cathedrale Sainte Reparate overlooks the cafes in Place Rossetti in the city of Nice, Provence, France.
Cathedrale Sainte Reparate, Built in 1650, Old Town, Nice, Provence, Cote d'Azur, France, Europe.
photo of Clock Tower Cannes France Clock Tower Cannes France
The 16th Century clock tower of Notre-Dame de l'Esperance in Old Cannes, Provence, France.
Lit up at night in the old town of Cannes, the clock tower of Notre-Dame de l'Esperance stands out...
photo of Carlton Hotel Cannes France Carlton Hotel Cannes France
The height of luxury is the Carlton Hotel in the famous town of Cannes, Provence, France.
The Carlton Hotel, built 1911, along the waterfront of Cannes, The Riviera, Cote d'Azur, Provence,...
photo of French Riviera French Riviera
The Mediterranean Sea laps the coast of the French Riviera in France, Europe.
Considered one of the most expensive and luxurious regions in the world, the French Riviera is the...
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... the Alpes d'Azur where the beauty of the French Riviera shows its true colors.

The French Riviera in Europe is a popular vacation getaway at any time of year and is one of the most exotic places to visit.

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