French Riviera

Long stretches of sandy beaches, towering mountains, and pristine countryside make the French Riviera a popular holiday destination.

One of the most famous and luxurious resort areas in the world is the stunning French Riviera where riches, elegance, fame and glory are just a few of the highlights of this holiday paradise.

The French Riviera stretches over a hundred kilometers of coastline where the beautiful colored Mediterranean Sea closes in around amazing cliffs, sandy beaches and exquisite resorts.

Enormous richness and prestige flow throughout Monaco, Monte Carlo, Cannes and Nice where you will find famous people living life to its fullest. Restaurants, casinos, hotels, limos and luxury yachts line the waterfront of these cities and nothing is too exquisite to be seen around this region of the French Riviera.

Take a step back from the excitement of the crowds and venture into the hills and explore the valleys and canyons where nature is at its best. Small villages and towns are situated throughout this countryside where history dates back to early centuries.

For a different perspective of the French Riviera, hike, climb or ski to 3,000 meters up the peaks of... (... more information below the photos)

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photo of Flower Bouquet Nice Flower Bouquet Nice
A flower bouquet made up of mainly yellow roses with red and white flowers added for extra color for sale at the street market in Nice, France.
A colorful group of flowers...
photo of Mediterranean Sailboat Cruises Mediterranean Sailboat Cruises
The Windstar sailboat cruises out of the Monte Carlo, Monaco harbor as it sets sail onto the incredible blue colored Mediterranean Sea.
The Windstar sailboat takes you on magnificent cruises throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean...
photo of Hotel Casino Monaco Hotel Casino Monaco
The Monte Carlo Casino and Hotel de Paris are two of the most incredibly designed buildings in Monte Carlo, Monaco in France, Europe.
The two buildings known as the Monte Carlo Casino and the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, France were...
photo of Windstar Cruise Windstar Cruise
One of the ports of call during a luxury Windstar cruise is Monte Carlo, Monaco.
The four masted cruise ship yacht Windstar sets sail from Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The Windstar...

photo of Monaco Waterfront Cote D Azur Monaco Waterfront Cote D Azur
The beautiful waterfront in Monte Carlo, Monaco is one of the most luxurious places on the Cote d'Azur in the Provence, France.
On the Cote d'Azur in the Provence, France you will find the astounding city of Monte Carlo, Monaco...
photo of Pont Du Loup Village France Pont Du Loup Village France
Pont du Loup is a small village located in the lowest part of the valley at the mouth of the Gorges du Loup in the Provence, France in Europe.
Pont du Loup village in France, Europe is situated along a twisty and scenic road between...
photo of Monte Carlo Famous Cafe Monte Carlo Famous Cafe
The famous Le Cafe de Paris is the perfect place to enjoy a good meal in Monte Carlo, Monaco in France especially if you like being around the company of the rich and famous.
The famous cafe in Monte Carlo, Monaco known as the Cafe de Paris is extremely popular for its...
photo of Le Cafe De Paris Monte Carlo Le Cafe De Paris Monte Carlo
Le Cafe De Paris is one of the most popular restaurants in Monte Carlo, Monaco in France, Europe with indoor dining areas and outdoor seating on the terrace.
In 1962, a Swiss restaurateur became the owner of the Le Cafe De Paris in Monte Carlo, Monaco in...
photo of Monte Carlo Yacht World Monte Carlo Yacht World
An exquisite yacht docks at the marina in Monte Carlo, Monaco where you will find many luxury yachts from around the world.
A world like no other is the beautiful and glamorous life of Monte Carlo in Monaco, France. The...
photo of Menton Cote DAzur France Menton Cote DAzur France
Menton is a city along the Cote D Azur in the Provence, France where life is full of beauty, excitement and thrills.
Tourists flock to the Cote d' Azur in the Provence, France for the beautiful beaches, gardens,...
photo of Cannes France Cannes France
A cloudy day in the beautiful city of Cannes on the French Riviera in the Provence, France in Europe which is famous for its magnificent sandy beaches.
Cannes city in the Provence, France has an incredible history behind it and is now known as being...
photo of Provence Coastline Provence Coastline
Near the Italian/French border of the Cote d'Azur coastline the sea washes up on the beach in another exciting city of the Corniches de la Riviera in the Provence, France.
The beautiful blue colored Mediterranean Sea has amazing beaches along the coastline with...
photo of Sospel Village France Sospel Village France
The peaceful village of Sospel located near the Italian border in the heart of the Bevera Valley in the Provence, France in Europe.
This quaint little village of Sospel, in the Provence, France has a population of about 4,000...
photo of Nice France Markets Nice France Markets
Outdoor markets line the streets in the Old Town of Nice in the Provence, France in Europe where you can purchase fresh vegetables and produce.
The Cours Saleya in the Old Town of Nice in the Provence, France in Europe has vegetable and...
photo of Gorges Du Loup France Gorges Du Loup France
The narrow Gorges Du Loup of the Provence, France, Europe cuts through the hills at the foot of the village of Gourdon.
The beautiful Gorges Du Loup is a deep, narrow valley surrounded by moss covered rock cliffs near...
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... the Alpes d'Azur where the beauty of the French Riviera shows its true colors.

The French Riviera in Europe is a popular vacation getaway at any time of year and is one of the most exotic places to visit.

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