East Cape Lighthouse

Picture of East Cape Lighthouse in New Zealand

The original location of this Tower was on East Island just off the East Coast of New Zealand´s North Island. Construction of the tower began in 1898, and was finally lit for the first time in August 1900.

East Island was a harsh environment for the light and its keeper. The clay earth did not sustain the growth of vegetables or grass to feed livestock, so fresh meat and vegetables were rare.

The Island was also susceptible to earthquakes and landslides with large chunks of the cliffs often sliding off into the sea. Eventually the slips were so dangerously close that it was decided to move the station to the mainland.

The light was extinquished in April 1922 in order to move the tower and houses to the East Cape. It resumed operation in December 1922.

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east cape lighthouse in New Zealand
East Cape Lighthouse, New Zealand

The historic East Cape lighthouse stands 154 metres above sea level and the light can be seen from 19 nautical miles (35 kilometres). The lighthouse became fully automated in 1985 and is now monitored electronically from Wellington.

The lighthouse can be accessed by a walking track of some 700 steps.

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